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Like a great pop songwriter, Hughes plucked our heartstrings through the combination of music and images, beginning with Sixteen Candles in 1984. Hughes' run of teen movie masterpieces ended in 1987 with  Some Kind of Wonderful, but in just three years, via six very special films, he documented teen angst through a kaleidoscope of MTV-style vignettes that turned the suburbs into Neverland: a place where powerless parents were overrun by teenagers listening to British new wave.

Workaholics . Situation Comedy. Broadcast since April, 2011 on Comedy Central. Click on the link to see an article with pictures. Back to TV Show Index .

Richie Rich - Geeks Revenge (Rodney)Richie Rich - Geeks Revenge (Rodney)Richie Rich - Geeks Revenge (Rodney)Richie Rich - Geeks Revenge (Rodney)